• Domestic Security

    Domestic Security

    Security tips for your home

    Your home is always at risk of attracting burglars and unwanted intruders. Installing security systems, deadbolts and window locks are all strong deterrents, however there are simple actions you can take to ensure your home stays safe and secure.

    • Reduce temptation by removing valuables from anywhere they can be seen from the outside.
    • Be cautious when allowing people into your home as it may give them the opportunity to scan your possessions and level of security.
    • If you are talking to friends about your possessions be careful who is listening.

    Secure your home to prevent intruders

    • Install a good alarm system and display it’s presence with a sign or sticker.
      Thieves are less likely to try and enter a house with an alarm in place.
    • Invest in bright outside lighting and sensor lights.
    • A motion detector is a great way to detect a quiet, would-be burglar
    • Ensure deadbolts or deadlocks are on all doors and locks or bars on windows.
    • Use padlocks on your gates and sheds
    • Display a ‘Beware of Dog’ sticker, even if you don’t have a dog

    Ensure your garden is maintained; an overgrown garden is a great place for thieves to hide if you go away:

    • Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to empty your letterbox, bring in your bins and keep an eye on your place.
    • Install a timer to automatically switch on your inside lights and a radio.
    • Consider asking a friend to house-sit or make use of a reputable house-sitting service.

    TopLock is the key to your security!

    It's a good idea to have a reputable company to handle your locksmith, security and safety needs. TopLock locksmiths carry the Master Locksmiths Professional Guarantee.

    Our services include:

    • deadlocks
    • window locks
    • flyscreen locks
    • gate locks
    • servicing
    • rekeying
    • repairs
    • break-in repairs
    • lockouts
    • patio bolts
    • key cutting
    • letter box keys

    Contact TopLock today for a quote or to speak to a professional locksmith.

  • Commercial Security

    Commercial Security

    Securing your workplace and protecting your business!

    Inadequate security in your place of business may lead to property damage or loss of product if intruders were to break-in.

    You can take certain measures to reduce this risk:

    • Ensure doors are solid enough to prevent break-ins.
    • Check all locks and bolts are in good working order.
    • Check window frames and grilles for deterioration.
    • Ensure alarm and surveillance systems are well maintained.
    • Invest in a fire-rated safe for storing valuable items.
    • Keep an updated list of all equipment on the premises at all times.
    • Keep adequate records of the location of all keys at all times by a well-administered key handling system. If keys are not returned your system should notify you immediately.

    It is also important to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees. To increase safety in your business:

    • Comply with all BCA regulations regarding construction materials and safety glass.
    • Provide adequate training for staff with regards to entering and exiting the building during work hours and after hours and procedures for fire safety.
    • Mark all electronic equipment kept on the premises.

    TopLock Locksmiths offer a range of services for your commercial locksmith and security needs. These include:

    • Security and fire safety audits and advice to ensure compliance with regulations.
    • Fire-compliant lock systems that are high security and fit fire regulation standards, as well as fire-rated escape.
    • Restricted Master Key Systems custom-designed to suit your business.
    • High-security door locks, levers, handles and locking systems for all types of commercial building.
    • External and internal door opening and closing systems.
    • Door blocker plates.
    • Roller door and gate locks.
    • Heavy duty padlocks.
    • Fire-rated safes, servicing and combination changes.
    • Servicing and repairs on all types of locks.
    • Rekeying services.
    • Supply of commercial cabinets for housing of keys.
    • CCTV, surveillance cameras, security alarm systems, and custom-made window grilles.
    • Access Control to buildings including swipe cards and pin-pads and intercoms.

    Call or email TopLock Locksmiths today to discuss your commercial locksmith, security and safety requirements with a professional.

  • Automotive Security

    Automotive Security

    TopLock's 24/7 automotive mobile service!

    If you have lost your car keys or locked them in the car, a 24/7 TopLock's mobile automotive locksmith service is just what you need.

    Most modern vehicles have transponder keys, which contain a chip corresponding to the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). Using diagnostic equipment attached to the ECU, TopLock's mobile units are able to program a new key for your vehicle on the spot. We can also help you if your key has become bent or broken in your ignition.

    TopLock offers mobile automotive services throughout Melbourne and suburban regions. Our dedication to professionalism and client satisfaction will have you back in your car and on your way in no time!

  • Electronic Security Systems

    Electronic Security Systems

    Our highest priority is the safety and security of your home and business.

    We offer advice and install the latest in security systems to homes and businesses across Melbourne.

    Alarms offer peace of mind to all home and business owners and are a requirement for insurance purposes.

    Small cameras and sensors (CCTV ) can be discreetly positioned around your home. While large cameras strategically positioned in the office, warehouse and car park are available for commercial premises. You can access the CCTV images anytime you like from your computer or iPhone anywhere in the world.

    Access Control

    • Pin pads
    • Swipe cards
    • Electronic door openers
    • Intercoms
    • Alarms
    • CCTV
    • Magnetic locks

    Control who you want to enter your property.

    Network Cata Cabling

    Using popular brands like Bosch, Ness, DSE and Dasnex; we can also service and repair your existing security systems.