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Antique furniture lock replacement in St Kilda

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Not all of our callouts are emergency lockouts and we got a really interesting job this week in St Kilda.  Our new client was placing an antique sideboard up for sale and had received a valuation less than what she had hoped for because the sideboard was missing keys.  All attempts had been made to […]

A quality GPS is an important Locksmiths Tool

As with every business, having the best tools of the trade make life much easier for my guys.  As locks get more and more complicated, our teams have to constantly update our tools.  20 years ago hardly any cars had transponders and engine immobilizers… now it’s almost standard.  Many houses didn’t even have deadlocks, now […]

Door kicked in – back lane access in Melbourne CBD

We attended a Melbourne CBD break-in this week that provided a good example of why your home security is only as strong as its weakest link. The occupants were only 5 doors down at their local having a game of pool and a beer whilst they were burgled. No one heard or saw a thing. […]

The dirty key lockout in Balwyn

We attended a Balwyn lockout this week where the occupant got just a little bit too clever with his emergency key stashing. Previously he had hidden an emergency key under a pot plant…but he was always worried that was the first place a thief would look. So instead of putting it UNDER the pot plant, […]

Holiday Burglary in St Kilda – an over full mailbox

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If you are going away on a holiday, it’s a good idea to get someone to collect your mail, cancel paper deliveries etc.  Why? An overflowing mailbox is a red flag to a would-be bugler that no one is home and has not been / will not be for some time. We attended a break-in […]

Auto Lockout in Carlton

Another “smart car” lockout in Carlton…. I am thinking of writing to a few European car manufacturers and giving them a list of the problems they have with their car security logic. This recent car lockout went like this. A lady walked out to her car to get something out of the glovebox. She hit […]

Dear Facebook Friends. I’m out – please rob me.

Last February we got a call out to secure a property that had been burgled in Essondon. The occupants had gone away late Friday night, arrived back Monday morning to find their house pretty much emptied.  Someone had arrived at their house Saturday morning with what APPEARED to be a delivery of a new home […]

A sticking lock in the Melbourne CBD

A failing lock and a leaking roof have some things in common.  When it’s raining?  It’s too wet to get up on the roof to fix it.  When it’s not raining?  Well.. it doesn’t need fixing right now… so leave it till another time right? A failing lock which is becoming more and more difficult […]

Big bag of keys in Bundoora

We got called out to a late night lockout in Bundoora this week, our new client had snapped his key off in the front door lock.  Unfortunately instead of thinking ‘if the key’s not turning, there must be something wrong’ this customer decided to use excessive force to try and open the lock and, snap […]

Slipping deadlock in Epping

A little bit of deadlock maintenance can go a long way to saving yourself from getting locked out – something a new client found out the hard way this week in Epping. Our new client had not lost her keys but her deadlock had “failed” and she was unable to access her house. A quick […]