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$28,000 stolen from major sporting establishments around Melbourne

An Adelaide man has been jailed over using stolen master keys and swipe cards to steal more than $28,000 in cash and equipment from such venues as AAMI Park, Rod Laver Arena, AFL House in Docklands, Collingwood Football Club, Park Medicine Centre, Victorian Council Office, as well as an apartment and an office building.

Nathan Miller had been flying to Melbourne frequently over 15 months between 2011 and 2012 and will be serving nine months in jail with a partially suspended 18 month sentence. His co-accused will be heard separately.

This is a reminder to all businesses that use master keys and swipe cards to keep very careful track of them. Make sure your staff report any missing master keys or swipe cards so that the missing card can be blocked on the system and replaced. If a master key is lost, the cost to replace the entire system may be expensive, but whatever the cost (could be a several thousand dollars for a huge building, such as a hotel) it will be worth it for the security of your belongings, data or other assets.