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Deadlock Installation Melbourne

Deadlock Installation Melbourne

Deadbolts or deadlocks are locking mechanisms which allow opening only through rotation of a lock cylinder. In this way they differ from the more regular lock and key mechanisms which operate with a spring to hold the bolt in place. Deadlocks make entry into a building more difficult without the right key in your possession.

Some types of deadlocks include:

Single cylinder

These have a key on one side and a turning doorknob on the other.

Double cylinder

These operate with a key on both sides and usually no turning knob.

Vertical deadbolts

Which resist the ability to pry open a door.

Ways in which deadlocks can improve your security:

  • Deadlocks make it more difficult to open a door as you need the right key to do so.
  • It is more difficult to use force on the door than with a spring-bolted door. The door itself would need to be removed, probably by removing the hinges.
  • It is far easier for a burglar to pick a spring lock.
  • The door can only be locked when fully closed, and so you are not able to accidentally engage the locking mechanism when the door is slightly open.
  • Double-cylinder deadlocks need a key on either side which prevents someone reaching in through a window and twisting a doorknob.

With double-cylinder deadlocks it is important however to consider safety, such as having quick access to a key in the case of fire. It is also important not to find yourself locked in your house! A way around these problems is to have a key available always near the keyhole, perhaps on a hook, or to only engage the deadlock when the house is empty.

However there is not much point in having deadlocks on doors if easy entry can be gained through windows, either through sliding them off their tracks or breaking the glass. Ways around this include installing tempered laminated glass, and/or various locking devices for windows such as sliding window locks, window latches, patio door locks requiring a key, patio door pins, or track-grips for sliding windows. For sliding doors, you can install deadlocks or a reinforced strike-plate.

For added home security, consider using padlocks on gates and sheds, motion detectors and monitored alarms, and purchasing a safe for locking up your precious items and cash if you have any in the house. For your business, consider who has access to your premises, and whether you have a record of all the people with keys to the building, including past employees. You can add layers of security with access control through pin pads or swipe cards and electronic locks on doors.

TOPLOCK Locksmiths are professional locksmiths who operate within Melbourne and its suburbs to a 30km distance from the city centre. TOPLOCK are able to visit your premises and provide advice on security needs as well as install and repair locks and alarms, and install surveillance systems and CCTV’s for businesses.

Some of TOPLOCK’S services include:

  • High quality locks for doors, garages, windows, sheds and gates.
  • Latches and locks for internal doors.
  • Rekeying – a service that involves altering locks so that they work on the same key.
  • Lock and alarm repairs and maintenance.
  • Restricted key systems which allow you to control who has access to your building or property.

All of TOPLOCK’S work carries the Master Locksmith Professional Guarantee. TOPLOCK also have a 24/7 emergency number in case of car, house or business lockouts, or if you find yourself ‘deadlocked’ inside the house with no key! Contact TOPLOCK Locksmiths for a free quote or to discuss your security concerns or needs with an expert.

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