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Emergency Locksmith

What to do when you’re locked out.

Consider The Following Scenario

You have been out for a fun night in Melbourne only to return home in the dark and realise you can’t find your door keys. What do you do? Your first thoughts might be to call a relative who has a spare key and come and let you in, but at 2am your call may not receive a warm welcome! You could call the police or wake up your neighbour if they have a spare key, but the police are not really the ideal ones to help you in that situation, and your neighbour might also not appreciate being woken in the middle of the night.

Wouldn’t it be a far better idea to call someone who could have you inside within the hour?

Similar Scenarios

Faulty Keys

You have not lost your keys, but as you put your key in the lock of your door you find that it will not work, either because the lock is damaged or the key is worn or bent; or perhaps the key snaps and gets stuck in the lock.

Work Keys

You drive to your business premises and find you cannot get into the office either because the keys are inside or you have left them at home, and it is too far to go and get them.


Who amongst us at some stage has not locked the keys in the car? We may have even tried the ‘coat-hanger trick’ to try and latch onto the door locks and yank them up to open the door.

Contact TopLock today for a quote, or to speak to a professional locksmith.

It’s even possible to find yourself locked IN the house, because someone has locked the deadbolts from the outside and you can’t find a spare key.

Our Guarantee

What you really need in these situations are the services of a reliable Melbourne emergency locksmith. Did you know that TOPLOCK Locksmiths are available to attend to lockouts 24/7?
TOPLOCK are able to rapidly respond and have you inside your home, business premises or car within an hour of your call.

TOPLOCK Locksmiths provide their emergency locksmith service to get you inside
(or outside if you’re locked in!) as soon as possible, within 30kms of the Melbourne CBD. They are also able to repair or replace your existing locks if required.

TOPLOCK are recommended by the RACV and are members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australisia (MLAA) who are the locksmith and security industry governing body.

Expert Advice

TOPLOCK offer their ‘Emergency Locksmiths Melbourne’ service 365 days per year with all calls being answered by a staff member. They also are able to provide an onsite key-cutting service, and transponder keys and car programming, which helps save time and money from going to the dealer to get a blank key and for car re-programming.

Of course TOPLOCK also offer other locksmithing and security services.
These include expert advice on all your security needs and installation of locks and security devices.
All TOPLOCK’S services come with the Master Locksmiths professional guarantee. Call today for to speak to a professional security expert about your locksmith and security needs for your home, workplace or vehicle.

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