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Lock Rekeying Services Melbourne

Lock Rekeying Services

Let’s say that for security reasons you want to replace some of your locks. Did you know that it is possible to alter your existing locks to fit a key you already have or new key? This process is called ‘rekeying’ and it involves changing the ‘tumblers’ of a lock cylinder with a different combination of tumblers.

You might want to rekey your locks because you would prefer some or all of your locks to be opened with the same key, or because you have lost a key. Other reasons include moving house or place of business in Melbourne and not wanting the bother and expense of replacing all the existing locks, and being concerned about past owners or tenants having access to your property. You also may prefer to have only one or two keys in your possession instead of a large heavy bunch to carry around, and then try to figure out which key fits in which keyhole!

Rekeying requires the ability to understand how lock mechanisms work and to use fine tools in the process. It is far better to have a trained expert rekey your locks than to try to do it yourself. Rekeying is a service offered by many locksmiths and costs less than replacing all your existing locks.

Other services offered by locksmith businesses include:

Home security

  • Installation of various types of locks for external and internal doors, including deadlocks and dead-latches and traditional spring-and-bolt locks.
  • Security alarm systems and motion detector units.
  • Locks for windows, sliding doors and flywire doors such as sliding window locks and latches, keyed patio locks, patio door bars and deadlocks.
  • Locking devices for garages, sheds and gates.
  • Repairs to existing locks and lock replacements.
  • Key-cutting service for key duplication.
  • Call-out emergency services for when you are locked out of your house.
  • Safes with combination locks for locking up of valuable items.

Business security

  • High-security locking systems to suit many types of commercial building.
  • Door opening and closing systems, and door blocker plates.
  • High-grade padlocks and gate locks, and roller-door locks.
  • CCTV, surveillance and alarm systems.
  • Access Control systems so that only authorised personnel may enter certain areas and intercoms.
  • Restricted Master Key systems, which allow the business owner to control who has keys to which areas, and duplication of keys only to occur with their written authorisation.
  • Fire-rated safes with combination locks, for housing of cash, confidential and valuable items.
  • Fire-compliant locking and escape handle systems.
  • Quick emergency response calls for lockouts.

Automotive security

  • Emergency call system for when you are locked out of your vehicle.
  • Key duplication either through key-cutting service, or by programming a blank transponder key for your car.

TOPLOCK Locksmiths are able to provide rekeying of your locks, as well as the above services. They are also able to perform security and fire safety audits of your business, and offer advice on security for your home. TOPLOCK’S commercial locksmith services can be used for many types of premises including hotels, hospitals, shops, office blocks, government buildings, clubhouses or schools.

TOPLOCK’S fast emergency call-out service means you can get the help you need any time of the day or night if you can’t find your key and you are locked out of your home, or because the lock is damaged or your key has broken off in the lock. TOPLOCK will be able to help get back into your building or car within an hour of your call, in Melbourne or up to a 30km distance from the Melbourne CBD.

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