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$440,000 stolen from Melbourne banks by a mother and two sons

It is alleged that Tina Lomacchio and her two sons Rocco, Gaetano and their friend Rocky Bornino stole $440,000 in cash from the Niddrie branch of Westpac Bank where Rocco was employed in April 2012.

Rocco led Rocky who was dressed as an Armaguard employee to the secure room of the bank and handed over the cash in front of the branch manager. Gaetano waited outside the bank also in a fake uniform whilst their mother was the getaway driver.

When the real Armaguard staff arrived a few hours later, Rocco told them it had already been collected and neither the bank or Armaguard noticed the money missing for three months.

They tried again at another Westpac in Broadmeadows but failed to get the $663,000 they were after when they failed to produce identification and they escaped when they said they would return to get it from their car.

They also tried several other similar robberies. They will appear in court later this year. Read the full story here.