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A quick lock change – ex on his way to Burwood

We took a call recently from a pretty frantic young lady who made it clear she needed  locksmith at her house in Burwood within 20 minutes due to a lockout emergency.  She didn’t clarify why on the phone but she seemed scared and sincere so we scrambled a van to her lickety split.  I had an idea what it might be about – normally its an ex who has keys who has not taken the news well that he is now an ex and shouldn’t be letting himself into the apartment or house anymore.  A lot of times it seems rocky relationships end then restart and then when they end for good?  Not everyone gets the message straight away.

So I arrive in under 10 minutes to find my new client standing on the front steps waving at me urgently, he phone in hand.  Apparently her ex, a member of an organisation that involves bikes, tattoos… well… you get the picture…. has just been let out of prison frmo a recent stint and is on his way to rekindle their romance.  The romantic fires however, have greatly cooled for our new client…. and I can see the reason standing in the hallway, – her new beau.  Clean cut looking guy, he seems no pushover physically standing at well over 6 foot and a pretty big guy… but apparently Mr Ex is a bit of a cranky lad and its likely to shortly get messy.

I felt like i was working for the bomb squad, trying to defuse a bomb which was counting down, one that could explode at any moment.  I had the front door deadlock off and change in record time, and the back one done even faster.  I checked all the windows – they were all secure with bars and interior locks.  We were good to go, house as secure as we could get in in 30 minutes.  Just in time too.  I was back in my van and driving off as large Harley pulled up, and Mr Ex appeared on the scene.  A monster of a man, Mr clean cut was in some serious trouble.  I pulled over to see what happened and whether i was going to need to call the Police or not.  Mr huge walks up to the door and raps on it loudly.  There is an obvious exchange through the door for a few minutes… then the door opens(No! I am thinking) and they all stand and talk for a couple of minutes, then Mr Huge tips his cap, walks out to his bike and rides off.

I was too curious, and drove back to the house to find out what had happened.

Apparently, Mr huge had found Jesus whilst in the joint, and also received counselling for his addictive tendencies which apparently included drink, drugs, gambling and violence.  He was now on a path to redemption and as part of that path he was sorting out his past, apologising to those he had hurt one way or another.

Not at all the ending we at all expected, but certainly one everyone was happy with