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Adding perspex, locks and a door closer to a gate for maximum security.

Having locks on the doors and windows of your house or business is definitely a good idea to keep your property secure, sometimes people overlook other entrances such as your gates. The gate to your property can be quite easy access for burglars as a lot of people have a habit of leaving them unlocked for convenience. Your gates can be all that stands in the way of burglars or other intruders from getting into your back yard and from either using anything you keep outside as a tool to break into your house or stealing any property from your shed or yard. You may have a shed full of tools that could be used to break into your house or that could be stolen. An unlocked gate could also allow them to find an unlocked back door of your house.

Below are some photos of a recent job by one of our locksmiths Jason where he attached a Lockwood 002 lock to the gate  as well as the perspex sheeting to the gate of an apartment building somewhere in Melbourne.

Perspex door lock


The reason for the perspex is so that no one can put their arms around to unlock the gate from the other side. The other side of the gate does not require a key, this is for safety reasons (such as if there is a fire, you can easily escape) but it prevents unwanted people from getting in. Because it is clear in appearance it does not greatly affect the aesthetic design of the existing gate.


Perspex door lock with door closer

Above is the gate shown from the inside of the property, it is very easy to exit out of and does not require a key from this side. You will also notice a door closer down the bottom of the photo. This has been installed to make sure that no one accidentally leaves the door open or unlocked. This would have been a regular occurrence at this apartment block, so now that problem will be solved. Hopefully no one locks themselves out though (but if they do they’ll know who to call!)

If you have a gate on your property and would look to increase the security on it and you’re near Melbourne, Australia , feel free to contact TopLock Locksmiths for a quote.