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CCTV Closed Circuit Television

(CCTV) is a very popular and cost-effective way of adding security to your home.

Years ago it was only for the rich and famous, but today it is an affordable alternative that is available to the public. Yes, someone can put a mask over their face before they set out to rob you, but if a thief sees just one CCTV near your front door they’ll be wondering how many others there are. In other words, CCTVs are a great deterrent. Besides, there’s more to a thief than a face.

Of course, CCTVs also have the advantage that you can play back an incident to your heart’s content. Footage of an incident can be given to forensic experts. There’s almost always some identifiable aspect of a thief that will enable them to be caught, face obscured or not.


Additionally, details such as a view of the burglar’s car parked in view of your CCTV may literally help catch a thief.

CCTVs have other benefits as well. Let’s say you are a business owner and you’ve got a CCTV at the entrance to your office. A thief might just duck and think, okay, in I go. But, CCTVs come in all shapes and sizes. You can put them anywhere. There is no way anybody can see all of them. A professional can install them so that even if a break-in does occur, the odds of catching the perpetrator can be greatly increased.

You can also purchase CCTVs that film on the infrared spectrum, effectively spoiling night-time theft. Burglars are aware of this. Of course, watching as objects are removed will help when it comes time to deal with your insurance company. All in all, investing in CCTVs is an investment that will pay for itself. Speaking of insurance, many companies will offer you a discount if you have CCTVs installed.

On a more personal note, you can keep an eye on your little ones via CCTV to make sure they’re not getting into trouble. Let’s say you’re making supper and your one-year-old is playing in his or her room. You can keep one eye on your child from across the house, and that eye can be big because CCTV footage can be displayed on any size monitor, and even on your TV. You can also keep track on your phone or pretty much any mobile device.