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The Dangers of Being a Locksmith

It can actually be quite dangerous to be a Locksmith. Locksmiths don’t just deal with people who have been locked out of their houses, they often work for real estate agents or the police dealing with evictions. When someone is evicted, they will usually be in an agitated state and have been known to react violently to anyone who is just trying to do their job such as the locksmith, real estate agent or the police. 

There have been cases in America where Locksmiths have been shot, even killed during these evictions. Luckily for us in Australia, there are far fewer guns so our work is a little less risky, but there’s always a chance it could happen to an Australian Locksmith one day.

Here is an article about a sheriff and a locksmith who were shot during an eviction in Modesto, California.

Here is a more recent article a property manager was shot in the leg whilst a Locksmith was drilling a door in San Ramon, also in California.