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IntercomsAn intercom is much more than what you may think it is. At their inception, intercoms were little more than two-way walkie- talkies wired through walls.

Today, intercoms offer video as well as audio. They are used in home and business applications and give you the ability to see who is at your door. The modern intercom has an internal camera and can take a picture. It is not a CCTV, though, so it does not keep a record that is “backed up” to a computer or a hard drive.

Many intercom systems will only take a picture when a buzzer is pressed. The photo will include a time and date stamp. So, even if you are not present, you will be able to find out who tried to gain access to a property by pressing the button at the entrance. This is quite beneficial if you live or work in a building and are victim of a break-in, as sometimes someone else “innocently” lets a burglar in. That burglar undoubtedly pressed the buzzer, someone let them in, and there will be a record of it.