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Up in the north of Melbourne, Keon Park takes residents away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city area, however residents and business owners still need to remember that they are located within a major city and crime still exists, over the entire city and also within their own small local area.

Keon Park is also a security concern as a suburb as it is located on a major train line and many of the visitors to Keon Park are simply passing through and are not local to the area. This means they can easily commit crimes against people and property, and then leave easily enough the same way they came in. Residents can take simple precautions to secure their property against criminals who don’t share the same good morals as them.

There are many different strategies that you can use to protect your property without needing to spend a fortune on elaborate and unnecessary products and systems. We are local locksmiths in the Keon Park area and we know the true crime concerns that will affect you and your property. We can suggest a range of locks, alarm systems, safes and video recorders that will be appropriate to your unique and specific needs. There are many options to ensure you are prepared for the worst, and after a simple assessment of your property, the process of staying safe will be quick and effective.

Keon Park also has many businesses that are located in different types of buildings. If your business is a shop front then you will need suitable locks and other devices to keep your shop front secure, including any glass that is available, while you are not there at night. You also may have stock and equipment that you are concerned about during the day. We can suggest internal security solutions that will keep you stock safe when your staff are busy serving customers and also protect them from theft against untrustworthy staff that maybe employed in your business, and who can’t resist helping themselves to your valuable investments.

Keon Park Home Security

We can offer internal safes for both commercial and residential premises and these are very smart solutions as the offer not only protection from theft, using a smart combination lock, but in the event of a fire they can offer protection against heat and flames. Safes might be small but their contents can be worth a lot, including personal jewellery and important papers and documents. Consider what you need to protect the most, and give us a call today so we can address your needs and offer you a suitable security system that allows you to sleep soundly at night.

Alarm systems can be very effective if you are not always around at your property. Criminals will be deterred by their loud and noisy entrance and will leave quickly as they will assume that people are coming to stop their crime as soon as possible. Alarms will give them an instant shock and prevent them from going further in your crime. If they do make damage to your property, it will be only minor, compared to the problems that you will face if you allow them to continue, and give them full access to your property.

Alarm systems are also suitable for properties that aren’t easily viewed from the street or are in isolated areas like industrial locations and side streets. Alarms are very important for attracting attention and letting the surrounding area know that trouble is about and that they should take a look on your behalf. While you will still need other security methods such as locks and gates, alarms will add to a complete and fool proof system for your home or business.

Our emergency service is available to assist you when you need it most, and many of our clients appreciate what we do as we can get them out of tricky situations and get them back on track and living their lives. Don’t stand out in the street alone when you have been locked out of your home, your business or your car. Give us a call and we will be there quickly and efficiently, to help you when you need help the most.

There is no need to be embarrassed about getting stuck without your keys as it happens to everyone, and it is usually at the worst of times. We often get into these fixes when we have too much on our mind and we are thinking about other things. These are the times when we really do need everything to run smoothly without mistakes and distractions. There is no need to worry though, if you live or work in the Keon Park area because if you carry our number with you at all times we can be just around the corner, and ready to come to your rescue when you need us most.

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24 Hour Commercial Locksmiths Keon Park

Commercial properties need to consider theft too, especially retail shops that have a large traffic flow of customers and expensive items could be stolen from your display without you realising it. Staff need to be aware of criminals who steal from stores, however there is only so much they can do. The best option is to store the portable and expensive items in display cases and we have a range of locks and systems to ensure that your customers can view these items while they are still locked away and secure until payment has been made.

Other unique commercial properties and industrial properties have different needs for security, and they may have some unusual items that need to be stored and protected. We have a range of locks for commercial properties including large outdoor gates and fences, roller doors and security sheds.

Your Security

We can also provide many different systems that use technology to prevent crime, including alarm systems and video recording systems that can be used in any type of building. They may be more practical in a commercial or industrial building however smart residents who have a lot to protect often opt for these commercial grade systems and have us to install them in their own homes.

We love helping our customers in the Doreen area and there are many services that we can provide to enhance the safety of their building. Did you know there is one service that is most important, and is most valued by our customers?

Our Dedication

We are an emergency service that operates every day of the year, and never closes. This means that when you get locked out of you building or your car we can be there to rescue you. We can come and find you in the local Doreen area and we won’t be long because we are not far away. We can get you back inside your home or your car and things will work out, simply because you’ve made the smart decision to call a local locksmith straight away.

These times can be difficult however our emergency service is ready to go 24/7 so you may need to carry our contact details with you to ensure that you are never stuck without our phone number and that you will never be stranded because of a security problem or lock out again. If you’ve locked your keys inside, don’t delay, call us and we will work it out.

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