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Our Easter Contest is over!

Today was the last day of the Toplock Locksmiths $150 worth of Cadbury Easter Chocolate Competition on Facebook. This contest had nearly 300 entries using a contest app we created. The contest was open to anyone who lives around the Melbourne area willing to pick up the prize from the Toplock Locksmiths head office in Northcote. The lucky winner was Emma McFarlane and hopefully she will be able to come in soon to collect the prize before the Easter weekend. We can’t wait to get these out of our office, it’s been a tough few weeks staring at all these each week without being able to eat them! When we called her she actually said she was on her way out to go buy Easter Eggs for her kids, so we definitely saved her some time and money! Great to know! 

 easter contest ending


If you want to keep up to date with our future Facebook contests make sure you Like the Toplock Locksmiths Facebook Page! Hopefully we’ll manage to get a photo of the winner soon and we’ll post that too!