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Our work in Melbourne’s High Density Areas

The most popular areas for our Locksmith services are high density areas such as Carlton, Preston, Flemington, St Kilda, Melbourne CBD , Toorak and South Yarra. These areas have far more people in them for their size compared to physically larger areas due to all the apartment buildings in those suburbs.

Apartments are very popular rental properties so landlords and real estate agents are always hiring locksmiths to come and rekey the locks whenever a new tenant moves in. Many apartment buildings (as well as office buildings) will use a restricted key system, which are made by a particular locksmith and can only be duplicated by them. The locksmith will keep a copy of each key on file and only that locksmith is allowed to duplicate them with approval of the signatory who issued the installation. This means that there is little risk of someone breaking into a property they had previously rented.

Locksmiths are not allowed to cut a restricted key that has been made by another locksmith, the signatory who issued the key is the only person allowed to request a new key to be made.

Restricted keys are one of the many services provided by TopLock Locksmiths, if you manage properties in a high density area near Melbourne such as CarltonPreston or the others mentioned earlier, please contact us! 1300 679 979.