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Security Doors – A burglars Nightmare

So far, we’ve been talking about standard doors, the kind that are most commonly found for the front of your home. There are, however, special doors that you can purchase, and we’ll refer to these as security doors. They are often made of metal and may resemble what some refer to as a flyscreen door.

Here is what a security door looks like:
These do look a bit alike, and security doors are much more expensive than flyscreen doors. So, if they look so much alike, why wouldn’t you get a flyscreen door? Because they’re not safe. They’re easy to penetrate. One quick tap on the screen and the difference can be felt and heard.

Here is an enlarged picture of the fly screen door. See the hole? Trust me, you cannot make a hole in the security door. It is made of metal that is too strong to make a hole in.

A security door, on the other hand – whether a standard door or a sliding door – is a great way of protecting your premises with an extra level of security. There are many different styles of security doors on the market. They can be made from aluminium or steel. However, if someone tries to sell you a security door made out of wood, walk away. This is a flyscreen door. Security doors are not made of wood.

Not only can a security door be highly designed; it can also be locked. A security door that also has a lock will deter any would-be thief.

Here’s an example of a security door with a three-way lock. This one would take a while to break into. Security doors are made with a variety of meshes. Some are one-way meshes, meaning that nobody can see in, but you can see out. Not only can you view anyone who is at your door, but you can install one, for instance, in your kitchen and have a great view of the terrace. These cost a bit extra, but provide incredible peace of mind. If you really want to get that great outdoors feeling – and these are more appropriate for the backyard – you can even look into sliding doors. These are usually made of glass, and you will want to explore the type of glass, but there are safety doors that are sliding doors as well.

These can be deadlocked if needed, can be coated to protect the interior from UV rays and are now virtually shatter- proof. You will want to look for types that have a sturdy frame and that can take a proper, bolted lock. Stainless steel mesh is an option for a sliding door, as well.

Door Guards and Frames
Believe it or not, doorframes and doors can move. Weather conditions – such as heat or cold, dryness or humidity – are the determining factors. In general, they move up and swell when they get wet and move down and shrink when they get dry.

It is important that your doorframes are fitted properly to accommodate these changes. However, even if you have good doors and good locks, environmental factors can conspire to allow just enough room for a screwdriver to be slipped between a door and its lock, especially in severe climates.

Even without human interference, in an extreme case, you may be unable to securely close a door if the latch does not fit properly into the strike. You may think it’s closed, but a burst of wind may be enough to force it open. That would indeed be the good fortune for a burglar who just happened to be passing through while you were away from home.