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Top places to check for when you’ve lost your keys:

A few months ago we asked the TopLock Locksmiths Facebook page members where they usually find their keys and some of the weirder places they have left them. If you regularly lose your keys check out this list and familiarise yourself with likely places you or someone else may have left them!

  • Bedside table, dressing table, on your bed somewhere, floor next to bed.
  • Kitchen table, bench, on top of or near fridge.
  • In pocket of jackets, pants, other clothes that you have worn recently
  • In the pockets of what you are currently wearing.
  • In the front door / other doors you have unlocked recently.
  • In the car ignition or on driver’s seat.
  • In the bathroom near toilet or sink.
  • Handbag or man bag
  • Near your computer
  • If you’ve been doing anything out of the ordinary lately, like crawling around in the roof or gardening, they may have fallen out of your pocket there. 
  • On the couch or coffee table
  • Near wherever your mobile phone is charging or your wallet.
  • On a key rack / hook / communal key location in your house, someone else may have found them and put them there for you.
  • If you’ve gone for a jog, you may have taken your key off the keyring and taken it with you or hidden it somewhere.
  • On the floor outside your house or near your car.