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Tradies keep your vehicles secured!

If you are a trade person, there’s a good chance you keep your tools in your van, station wagon or ute. You probably even have some kind of branding on your vehicle that advertises your trade on it, this could make you a target for thieves.

Here’s a list of ideas to help prevent getting your tools stolen:

  • Park in a garage or somewhere away from street view to prevent the vehicle from being noticed.
  • Have locks installed on all your canopies and doors on the vehicle. A canopy can be installed onto most ute’s and is a good way to secure your tools. You may want to get one with without windows so no one can look in and see your valuables.
  • Have a locked box installed and  secured inside your vehicle so that if anyone does break in, the expensive tools are still difficult to find or remove.
  • Alarm with sensors in the windows should be installed, windows are an easy entry point for car break-ins.

The money spent on securing your vehicle and its contents is worth the investment  because as any Tradie knows, your tools are not only expensive, but the time lost in getting your car fixed, replacing the tools and possibly saving up money to replace them will eat into your regular work time and could be a financial disaster for you.