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Window Grills and Shutters – securing your home

Window grills are becoming more and more popular for residential use. They have been present on commercial businesses for years, but they are now available in attractive designs that go way beyond the old standard square block tubing of yesteryear. Grills are now handmade in modern and federation styles and designed in different colours and designs to suit any home or business. They no longer look like prison grates and provide a luxuriant touch of added security. Even if a burglar can break through a window, they won’t be able to squeeze through a window grill to gain entry to your home or business.

Window grills can be mounted on the inside of the window frame or over the top of the window frame. They can be fixed to the exterior in a concealed manner, making them pretty much impossible to remove. In addition, they are usually secured with one-way screws or security fixings that very few have the tools to remove. A burglar would have to spend hours and make quite a mess to remove the grill. Between the noise and the amount of time it would take, he or she would get caught. Burglars know this, and any house equipped with a proper grill is one that a thief would avoid.

Here’s an example of a window grill:


Window shutters are also an effective method of keeping burglars away. Some can be opened or closed via remote control; others are affixed to your home like grills are. Here’s an example of a properly-installed home shutter.


Window shutters will be more visible from within the home, when closed, than window grills, but do the same job and are available in many designs and colours.

These commercial window shutters (below) would be more appropriate for a business or industrial setting: Commercial window shutters are popular in business applications and can sometimes be retrofitted. This is especially beneficial for storefronts that are often susceptible to burglaries because consumers demand large expanses of glass so that they can see what a retailer has to offer.