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Confessions of a Locksmith in Men’s Health Magazine

Tips to burglar-proof your home by Justin Fankhauser

These five tips were published in the November issue of Men’s Health Magazine. Here’s a scan and and a summary in case you missed this issue!


  • Dead bolts are good for making it difficult for burglars to enter or exit the property with bigger items.
  • Basic alarm systems limit the time the intruder can spend on your premises before authorities can arrive. 
  • You can now get alarms that are pet friendly and won’t be activated when your pets are in the house.
  • Trees and shrubs can be good hiding spots for burglars.
  • Don’t leave tools or ladders outside to assist burglars with their entry.
  • Don’t leave packaging of new items like your big new TV in plain view, it could invite people to come and steal it.
  • Leave some sneakers at the door and the radio on it make it seem like someone is home, this will make burglars less likely to enter.

Thanks Men’s Health Magazine for the mention! We hope these tips help your readers out one day! For more tips and advice, check out our book Confessions of a Locksmith by Justin Fankhauser.