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Auto Lockout in Carlton

Another “smart car” lockout in Carlton…. I am thinking of writing to a few European car manufacturers and giving them a list of the problems they have with their car security logic. This recent car lockout went like this. A lady walked out to her car to get something out of the glovebox. She hit […]

A sticking lock in the Melbourne CBD

A failing lock and a leaking roof have some things in common.  When it’s raining?  It’s too wet to get up on the roof to fix it.  When it’s not raining?  Well.. it doesn’t need fixing right now… so leave it till another time right? A failing lock which is becoming more and more difficult […]

Big bag of keys in Bundoora

We got called out to a late night lockout in Bundoora this week, our new client had snapped his key off in the front door lock.  Unfortunately instead of thinking ‘if the key’s not turning, there must be something wrong’ this customer decided to use excessive force to try and open the lock and, snap […]

Slipping deadlock in Epping

A little bit of deadlock maintenance can go a long way to saving yourself from getting locked out – something a new client found out the hard way this week in Epping. Our new client had not lost her keys but her deadlock had “failed” and she was unable to access her house. A quick […]

Soft metal loops are not key rings – Fairfield Lockout

We attended a callout to an emergency lockout in Fairfield this week.  The cause?  A dodgy keyring with too many keys on it.  Our new client had come home after being out all day, pulled out his keys to open the front door only to realise he was missing several keys off his key ring. […]

A quick lock change – ex on his way to Burwood

toplock reception

We took a call recently from a pretty frantic young lady who made it clear she needed  locksmith at her house in Burwood within 20 minutes due to a lockout emergency.  She didn’t clarify why on the phone but she seemed scared and sincere so we scrambled a van to her lickety split.  I had […]

Locksmith locked out of Car – Malvern

toplock reception

This story shows that even locksmiths can get themselves in a spot of bother.  We had a new apprentice start with us in 2014.  Nice young bloke, eager to learn, always on time and keen to get into it.  The sort of kid you hope to get and then you hope he can maintain the […]

Halloween – Locksmith punked by the team in Northcote

toplock reception

We have a close nit team working at Toplock Locksmiths – sure we are a workplace but we make sure all our crew feel supported and welcome.  It takes a long time to find good people in this industry and when you find them.. you want to do everything in your power to keep them.  […]

Car Lockout in St Kilda – Boot entry required

toplock reception

We got a call out last week to St Kilda about a car lockout.  Bit of a tricky one. a. Keys were left in the car. b. Car had auto locked itself. c. Park Lights had been left on (the little beeping alarm apparently was broken) d. Most of the car doors had no key […]

Locked out in Richmond – The Flower Thief

We had an emergency locksmith  callout to a man locked out of his house in Richmond this week. His tale of woe has to be one of the funniest we’ve had to date so I felt to share it. I arrived at about 9.30pm on a Friday evening at a Richmond house to find our […]