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Replacing St Kilda deadlocks missing quick release

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We attended a property in St Kilda this week to do a general safety and security inspection with some interesting results.  The home had a new owner who wanted a general inspection to ensure in case of a burglary their insurance would be valid. As it turns out their insurance certainly would have covered them […]

Dear Facebook Friends. I’m out – please rob me.

Last February we got a call out to secure a property that had been burgled in Essondon. The occupants had gone away late Friday night, arrived back Monday morning to find their house pretty much emptied.  Someone had arrived at their house Saturday morning with what APPEARED to be a delivery of a new home […]

Toplock’s top 12 Security Tips

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Tip 1 Sneak Attack Sneakers by the door. Yep, you read that right. I employed this old trick years ago at a residential property I had recently purchased. This was a brand new house that I had bought from the builder. It showed; many of the homes on the street were unoccupied. So, as soon […]

Most cars are stolen using stolen keys

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If you have had a break in and your spare set of house keys has been stolen, it’s most likely that your car keys have also been stolen. Of course, it’s best not to leave an extra car key where it can be found, but if you have, all is not lost. Your car can […]

When to Rekey your Home or Business

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  After a burglary has taken place is probably the nastiest time to rekey because it means you’ve been robbed. It’s also good to rekey if you’ve lost a set of keys, or even if you think you’ve lost them. We all misplace things. But if it’s keys and you’re not sure, better to be […]

Rekeying your home – General Information

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A few years ago, a good friend of mine was robbed. Yes, another robber story, but hey, that’s what happens in the security business. He lived in a double- storey townhouse that was not too far from where I lived at the time. He was quite upset when he rang me and really needed to […]

CCTV Closed Circuit Television

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(CCTV) is a very popular and cost-effective way of adding security to your home. Years ago it was only for the rich and famous, but today it is an affordable alternative that is available to the public. Yes, someone can put a mask over their face before they set out to rob you, but if […]

Home Alarms – they scare burglars away

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Sometimes people are just unlucky. They’ve got proper locks on their doors and windows, but they’ve just forgotten to turn that key and they’ve left a door unlocked. Or a particularly crafty burglar has come calling. What can you do? You can have backup, and your backup might just save the day. What backup should […]


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An intercom is much more than what you may think it is. At their inception, intercoms were little more than two-way walkie- talkies wired through walls. Today, intercoms offer video as well as audio. They are used in home and business applications and give you the ability to see who is at your door. The […]

Automated Protection Access Control

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Access control is a way of letting people into your home or business without going to the door itself. One of the earliest applications worked a bit like a two-way doorbell. You pressed a buzzer outside a building or room. Someone else heard the buzzer, pressed a buzzer on the inside of that building or […]